About Ovarian Cancer

Each year about 22,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The symptoms are often common and vague, which makes it difficult to diagnose. Currently, there is no effective early detection method for ovarian cancer. It is usually diagnosed in advanced stages, and only about half of women survive longer than five years after diagnosis. For the 25% of ovarian cancers that are found early, the five-year survival rate is greater than 90%.

Signs & Symptoms


  • Abdominal swelling and/or pain
  • Bloating and/or a feeling of fullness
  • Persistent, gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea and indigestion
  • Frequency and/or urgency of urination
  • Change in bowel habits
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Unusual Fatigue, backaches

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Risk Factors


  • Age: Most Common in Women Over 50
  • Family History of Ovarian Cancer
  • Inherited Mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 Genes
  • Northern European and/or Ashkenazi Jewish Heritage
  • No Pregnancies

Risk Factors
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When ovarian cancer is caught in Stage I, 93% of patients survive 5 years or longer. That’s why Judy’s Mission is working to find a better way to detect ovarian cancer before Stage IV (B4S4®).


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