Ways to Help

Judy left us to accomplish her mission.

To educate the medical community as well as women on the signs, symptoms and the critical nature of early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. To fund research for effective screening and treatment of ovarian cancer. 

Living Legacy Funds

Recognize a loved one who has been impacted by ovarian cancer through a Living Legacy Fund.  Established in their name, contributions can be made directly to the fund, which supports the Judy’s Mission Ovarian Cancer Foundation to raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.  Gifts to the fund can be made at any time through direct donations or as proceeds from an event organized by friends and family members.

For more information about creating a living legacy fund, send an e-mail to info@judysmission.org.

Shalaena Trainor Living Legacy Fund

In 2009, due to a mass growing on one ovary, Shae underwent surgery to remove the mass and ovary during her pregnancy with her second child.  The mass was found to be benign (non-cancerous).  Two years later, while trying to become pregnant for a third child, another mass was found on Shae’s existing ovary.  In January 2012, Shae underwent another surgery to remove the mass, leaving her ovary in tact.  After further analysis of the mass, doctors discovered that it was malignant (cancerous).
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Stephanie Parke Living Legacy

On June 26, 2013,  Stephanie Parke’s life took at sharp turn when she discovered that she had stage 4b primary peritoneal serous carcinoma, a rare cancer that is closely linked to ovarian cancer. 

Stephanie is dedicated to help others with this disease and hopes that in the future there will be early detection and diagnosis of ovarian and peritoneal cancer and ultimately a cure.

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