Renowned Houston Fashion Blogger, Monica Abney, talks Ovarian Cancer

Fashion Blogger, Monica Abney, on her mother's ovarian cancer diagnosis

Renowned Houston Fashion Blogger, Monica Abney, talks Ovarian Cancer

Lace up flats and denim are typical topics that renowned Houston fashion blogger, Monica Abney, talks about on her blog, Classy and Fabulous, that’s been featured in Marie Claire, The Coveteur, Cosmopolitan, and more. In honor of National Ovarian Cancer Month, however, Monica opens up with us about her mother’s journey with the disease.

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Monica, as seen on her instagram account, @classnfab


How did you find out your mom had OC? Were you there when she was diagnosed?
I found out a few months after she was diagnosed. My parents decided to not tell me since it was in a very early stage. My mom and I were in her car and I found a book about what to eat when you had cancer. I was very confused and I forced them to tell me what was happening.  From there I tried (actually the entire family did as well) to go with my mom to her doctor’s appointments.

monica abneyMonica and her mother

What advice would you give to someone else who has a loved one suffering from the disease? I wish I had some profound advice that helps you go through it but honestly, for us, it was just going through it. We knew everything was going to be fine, we stayed positive and thought it was a process that was going to end with my mom’s health going back to normal.

One of the reasons my parents didn’t want to tell me at first was because my mom wanted to be treated like normal. My first instinct was to take care of her and treat her as a sick person but I learned that doing that can be counterproductive. So I guess acting normal and staying positive is the best advice I can give.

Has your mom’s experience with OC changed the way you view your own personal health?
Absolutely! I am embarrassed to admit that before my mom was diagnosed I didn’t really go the doctor or try to find out about my genetic chances of OC or cervical cancer occurring – despite that basically every woman in my mom’s family has had it. Now I take my health more seriously and work with my doctors to have a healthy life!

 *To learn more about Monica you can read her blog, Classy & Fabulous or follow her on instagram at @classnfab.

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